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Author: Mindaugas

  Our dogs : How it started   Jevgenija |15 July 2009 | Views: 1458  
Basset is the dream of my whole life

Attending kindergarten I saw the long, ungainly dogs of my godparents (they never had even common relatives with the bassets). And then I grew and as the majority of children I was collecting postcards, stamps, etc. I once came across a picture of an ideal dog signed "Basset-hound". Here it started. I became thoroughly interested in the breed. Various postcards, mugs, money boxes, magnets, calendars and a trifle on basset were permanently appearing in our flat. As I was getting older the collection also was changing with the brochures, magazines, Internet articles, and all these ended up in my head: "I'll have such dog."

It should be noted that my parents were totally against it. Our house was always full of all kinds of the living creatures, but I failed to motivate why do we need another "such terrible dog“. Now I thank my lucky stars that the basset does not appear earlier in my life. This dog is not for the child and not even for every adult. And I am really glad that by the time I have a dog of my dream in the house I gained the adequate knowledge about the Basset and about dog breeding in general.

I knew exactly what I want a dog with the documents and I knew that I wanted the basset, and not just a dog like him. I knew that I wanted my dog to take part in the exhibitions in order the whole world could see that at last I have my basset.

And it happened. After nearly 20 years of dreaming as the birthday present (not surprise) there she was in my hands - Abracadabra Stary Kon, from Poland, My little Basset.

And there began ... Puddles around the house. Getting up several times during the night to wipe away the next. Endless visits to the vet. It turned out that she was very allergic, but after a year it disappeared. Slobber everywhere, puddles around the house ... But what all these were in comparison that I am BASSET-OWNER? In general, I was not scared. The "child" was growing beautiful and obedient, and even my mother started to call the "terrible" dog as the "little girl".

And then everything was getting better. After the training we decided to go to the exhibition. And at the first one Tore proved to be a very promising puppy. Then another and another, and then we were a nice junior and the Young Champion of Lithuania and Latvia. Later - the CHAMPION of Lithuania and Latvia.

It also appeared that Tore is not "the sofa athlete“ but the passionate hunter, we encourage this ability. We already have two degrees of field trials and we are not going to stop here.
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